<aside> 🔍 A website migration, replatforming and alignment with a global standard.


The project

I was asked to launch and manage a new website for leadership training course providers Common Purpose Ireland. This was my first solo website redesign project.

I'd been working with Common Purpose in their Dublin office on programme development, recruitment and materials. The content stakeholders were the small team of programme managers. However, Common Purpose's in-house web team had rolled out a new CMS and a new global design, so the task was to migrate all content to the new format.

The process

I travelled to Common Purpose's HQ in London to receive training from the lead web dev on using Umbraco. I was then able to start reviewing and updating all content on the old website, while migrating all content to the new global format.

I undertook a content audit with new brand guidelines on copy and imagery in mind, as well as reviewing all visuals, navigation and content structure.

I worked with the team of stakeholders on a discovery piece to migrate only the necessary content from the original site, as well as ensuring that it was brought up to date. I designed page layouts, sourced suitable images, and made sure all content and imagery effectively represented the work and aims. I was able to bring my existing knowledge of the organisation's aims and ways of working to the process with good effect.

Project outcomes

Common Purpose Ireland

I delivered the project in time for a new season of programmes to kick off, with participants, hosts and speakers all able to access vital information on upcoming events and sessions.

With the user portal clearly signposted, we experienced far less call and email volumes asking for help finding information. This wasn't established as a key success metric at the outset of the project, but it certainly helped the team in their day-to-day work!

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